The Struggles

After one week of going vegetarian I came across several struggles:
Different Flavors. Some veggie choices were bland and flavorless. Vegan meat just doesn’t taste/feel the same!
Social Temptations. Seeing pictures of delicious meals on Instagram, and eating with friends who eat meat make it difficult to maintain a veggie diet.
Lack of Education. Not knowing what ingredients mean and where my food comes from is also a problem.
Few Options. There are as many meat options as there are veggie in the dining halls. However, at Bcafe, there are very few options aside from the not-so-filling soups and salads.

Peta‘s Reasons to Pledge Veg:
-Farmed animals are as intelligent, inquisitive, and capable of feeling fear and pain as our cats and dogs. Yet more than 16 billion animals are killed for food every year in the U.S. and have little legal protection from cruelty. They are neglected, mutilated, genetically manipulated, put on drug regimens that cause chronic pain and crippling, transported through all weather extremes, kept in filthy sheds, and killed in gruesome and violent ways.


Howdy! ^o^

Some of my meals throughout the week! (:


VBQ Beef at Bcafe


Panang Potato Flatbread, Mixed Veggies, Vegan Chicken Massaman Curry, Soybean Rice,  at Feast

Salad w/ tomatoes, pineapples, tangerines,  Heirloom Bean Stew, Chocolate Ganache Cake, Thai Tofu at Hedrick

Salad w/ fruit, Heirloom Bean Stew, Chocolate Ganache Cake, Thai Tofu at Hedrick

Breakfast & Pastries! Tater Tots, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Fruit, Blueberry Muffin

Breakfast & Pastries! Tater Tots, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Fruit, Blueberry Muffin

3 thoughts on “The Struggles

  1. I recently have gone vegetarian (pescatarian, I suppose) just because I would guess that college dining halls do not have the most “trustworthy” or sustainably produced meat. Taking into consideration the quantity produced and the necessity of affordability, “grass-fed”, “free-range organic” just isn’t a viable option. I have found that its decently easy to eat vegetarian on campus since there are so many good alternatives to meat. My only reservation is the “vegan” options that are sometimes provided. I wonder what sort of corn, soy and other chemical products are used to replace eggs or dairy in order to make the food edible.

  2. Who knew going vegetarian could look so tasty! Loving the pictures! I could never do it though. I’ve tried going vegetarian for three days and noticed myself getting a bit weaker. I think for me a balanced diet is my requirement for my body although all humans are inherently different.

  3. Your struggles remind me of the similar situation I have encountered before. At first, it was hard to refuse the temptations of the meat, especially the tasty smell of the fried chicken. But I managed to do that. The little pig on the photo is really adorable, and it gives me further determination to reduce my intake of meat. Animals are also living things, and they should enjoy their freedom in this world.

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