The Movement

As Michael Pollan points out in his book, Omnivore’s Dilemma, “eating meat has become morally problematic… Vegetarianism is more popular than it has ever been, and animal rights, the fringiest of fringe movements until just a few years ago , is rapidly finding its way into the cultural mainstream.”


larger % of people India are vegetarian due to economic and religious circumstances


Main Reasons for the Shift According to Vegetarians:
-53% claimed “improve overall health”
-25% answered weight loss/maintenance
47 % claimed environmental concerns
-31% claimed food safety concerns.
54% answered animal welfare

Pollan addresses the animal welfare and environmental concerns, claiming,
“killing animals is probably unavoidable no matter what we choose to eat.”

Pollan’s Points
– total # of animals killed/year wouldn’t necessarily decline
– can not practice sustainable agriculture without animals to cycle nutrients
– greater dependence on fossil fuels for farther food transportation
– more dependence on chemical fertilizers from shortage of manure

So… What’s the Hope for Vegetarians?
– moral support for animals
– push to moderate, not eliminate, consumption
– contribute to revolutionizing the meat industry and it’s practices
– push to seize tail docking, sowcrates, beak clipping
– If we broke down the meat industry, “meat would get more expensive. We’d probably eat a lot less of it, too, but maybe when we did eat animals we’d eat them with the consciousness, ceremony, and respect they deserve.” – Michael Pollan

What other valid points can one argue for going Vegetarian?

Vegetarian/Vegan Celebrities: Russell Brand, Bill Clinton, Natalie Portman, Mike Tyson, Pamela Anderson, Tobey Maguire, Kristen Bell, Chris Martin, Milo Ventimiglia, Ellen DeGeneres, Olivia Wilde, Alec Baldwin, Leona Lewis, Paul McCartney, Carrie Underwood, Anne Hathaway, Brad Pitt, Kate WinsletLea Michele, more!

My Veggie Meals




The Struggles

After one week of going vegetarian I came across several struggles:
Different Flavors. Some veggie choices were bland and flavorless. Vegan meat just doesn’t taste/feel the same!
Social Temptations. Seeing pictures of delicious meals on Instagram, and eating with friends who eat meat make it difficult to maintain a veggie diet.
Lack of Education. Not knowing what ingredients mean and where my food comes from is also a problem.
Few Options. There are as many meat options as there are veggie in the dining halls. However, at Bcafe, there are very few options aside from the not-so-filling soups and salads.

Peta‘s Reasons to Pledge Veg:
-Farmed animals are as intelligent, inquisitive, and capable of feeling fear and pain as our cats and dogs. Yet more than 16 billion animals are killed for food every year in the U.S. and have little legal protection from cruelty. They are neglected, mutilated, genetically manipulated, put on drug regimens that cause chronic pain and crippling, transported through all weather extremes, kept in filthy sheds, and killed in gruesome and violent ways.


Howdy! ^o^

Some of my meals throughout the week! (:


VBQ Beef at Bcafe


Panang Potato Flatbread, Mixed Veggies, Vegan Chicken Massaman Curry, Soybean Rice,  at Feast

Salad w/ tomatoes, pineapples, tangerines,  Heirloom Bean Stew, Chocolate Ganache Cake, Thai Tofu at Hedrick

Salad w/ fruit, Heirloom Bean Stew, Chocolate Ganache Cake, Thai Tofu at Hedrick

Breakfast & Pastries! Tater Tots, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Fruit, Blueberry Muffin

Breakfast & Pastries! Tater Tots, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Fruit, Blueberry Muffin


A New Diet

Hello! (:
I have recently decided to go vegetarian with a friend. This decision was partially influenced by my Global Environment class at UCLA and partially by my own desire to have a healthier diet. As a meat lover and a student living on-campus, the challenge will be difficult, as there are, what seems like, many delicious meat options in the dining facilities and few vegetarian. However, I’d like to invite you to join in on my journey to explore the feasibility of vegetarianism as a college student living on campus! What’s holding you back from living up to the challenge?

Environmental Reasons to Eat Green:

Wastes Resources: feeding the animals that feed us requires an inefficient amount of land, and an excessively large amount of water for transportation.

Water Depletion: More water is being used for crops to raise animals. Groundwater aquifers have been quickly depleting in the last century.

Species Extinction: Rainforests have been destroyed at a rapid rate to clear land for cattle grazing. Habitats are being destroyed, reducing species diversity.

Global Warming: The meat industry generates more greenhouse gases than all our vehicles altogether.

“The way that we breed animals for food is a threat to the planet. It pollutes our environment while consuming huge amounts of water, grain, petroleum, pesticides and drugs. The results are disastrous.”

-Dr. David Brubaker, PhD at Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Livable Future

Campania Panini from Cafe 1919 

Covel Dining

Covel Dining